Welcome to the MAG Household Travel Survey

The Maricopa Association of Governments is sponsoring this study to improve "livability" in the Phoenix region. This travel survey will help regional planners understand how residents travel throughout the Phoenix region each day. A formal evaluation of the transportation needs of residents in your area helps state and local officials make decisions to improve roads, reduce congestion, improve walking and bike paths, and improve public transportation.

Participation is easy and voluntary—and all information collected is strictly confidential. Eligible households who successfully complete all requirements of the study will receive a small monetary incentive.

The first step is registering your household. Household registration is very easy and only requires about 10 to 15 minutes. The household registration survey collects information about your household and asks you to select a two-day travel period.

The second step is collecting and reporting your travel information. Participating households will be emailed detailed instructions on how to collect your travel via a GPS signal for the two selected days. There will also be directions on how to verify your travel through online travel and activity diaries for all members of your household age 6 and older. The GPS linked online travel diaries will aid you in reporting your locations, modes of transportation, activities at these locations, and time spent at these locations.

The information collected in this study is strictly confidential and secure. Data will be reported in combination with all participants for the sole purpose of regional transportation planning.

Need help? Lost your PIN? email us at MagTravelSurvey@AskArizona.com, call us toll-free at 602-707-0085 or Chat With Us