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General Information
What is the MAG Household Travel Survey? -
Sponsored by the Maricopa Association of Governments, or MAG, the MAG Travel Survey is an in-depth study of the travel and activity patterns in Maricopa County and surrounding areas.

MAG is hoping to learn from 7,000 households where and how residents traveled over an assigned period of two days by having them collect GPS travel data for two days.

To make sure we hear from a representative sample of the region's population, households will be asked questions related to the characteristics of their household members and travel habits. This information will provide a picture of the daily travel routines of residents in Maricopa County and the surrounding area. Study findings will help transportation planners determine how to enhance public transportation in the area, improve roads, reduce traffic congestion, and improve walking and bicycle paths.
Who is sponsoring this survey? +
Who is conducting this survey? +
What will I be asked to do to participate in the travel survey? +
Why should I participate? +
Who is being asked to participate in the survey? +
What will MAG do with the data I provide? +
Who can I contact at MAG for more information? +
How long will you be conducting the study? +

Taking the Survey
Why do you need to know information about the household? +
How long will the survey take? +
What is meant by "travel" and "activities"? +
Why do you want to know about my activities? +
Why do you need to know when and where each activity took place? +
Why do you need to know my occupation or job? +
Why do you need to know when and where our children go to school? +
Will any of the information collected be useful for environmental purposes? +
Will information from the survey be available to the public? +
What if I don't feel comfortable answering some of the questions? +
What if out-of-the-ordinary events happen during my assigned travel days that change my travel? +
What if I travel out of the region during my assigned travel day? +
What if I don't drive a car? +
What if I don't travel very much or at all? +
Are there incentives for participating in the survey? +

Using the Smartphone App
How do I download/install the smartphone application? +
What does the Mobile Market Monitor app do? +
When should I carry my mobile phone? +
How long should I run the app during the survey period? +
Will the smartphone app affect my phone's battery? +
How can I avoid running out of battery? +
Can more than one user be registered or log in to the same account? +
Can the application be used on more than one device? +
Do I have to have a data plan to run the app? +
How much of my data plan will the application use? +
Why did my iPhone sign me out of the app? +
Is information about where I live and where I go linked to my name? +
Can you tell where I am all the time? +

Verifying your Travel
How do I verify my travel online? +
What if I have misplaced my materials? +
When can I first see my travel information from my Smartphone app online? +
Why doesn't the GPS travel information match the exact routes that I travelled? +
What if my travel information shows that I stopped at a location where I did not stop? +
What do I do if my travel information is missing travel and/or a stop is missing? +
What if I am having difficulty with the website (www.magtravelsurvey.org)? +

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